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The third training session of Dali Business School has come to a successful conclusion.

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On September 8, 2019, taking serving customers as the core, creating a learning platform for communication and communication for the industry, Dali Business College, started its third course on schedule. Through a two-day technical study and industry exchange, it successfully completed providing customers with an opportunity to understand the industry and market, and to learn technology; at the same time, it achieved a better industry credit. Information communication, create a customer and manufacturer, supply and demand, the whole industry chain in-depth understanding of the exchange goals and original intention.

Build a learning and communication platform to enhance the level of professional skills of customers, through the combination of theoretical learning and practical operation; industry information exchange and application, to help students broaden their industry horizons. President Song Luwei of Business College and several senior practitioners and engineers in lithium and electricity industry teach you personally in this period of study, exchange information and problems of industry development that students are concerned about. In the course of training, the person in charge of strategic development of Dali Electronics and the staff of market operation also communicated with you from the past and future of industry development. The purpose is to let customers learn to look far, have more confidence in the future, and develop better and better!

I. Pre-preparation

According to the opinions of the trainees who participated in the first two periods, during the training process, President Song made detailed curriculum planning from the basic development status of lithium batteries to PACK technology, aiming at enabling students to learn and improve the latest technology through deepening their basic knowledge.

II. Teaching Situation

During this study period, Dali Business School made customized arrangements according to the individual needs of students. During the two-day study period, not only the students'professional knowledge was taught, but also the current industry hotspots were discussed. And by letting students make experiments in person to complete the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, to achieve the most ideal teaching mode, improve the learning level.

III. Broadening Industry Vision

In this training, Dali Electronic Strategic Officer Qiu always talked about a lot of industry information that we didn't touch at ordinary times through his own experience, so that we can put forward solutions for ourselves, exercise students'thinking ability well, understand and solve problems in a different way than usual. It broadens the students'horizons, at the same time, it also guides them to exchange information and integrate resources with the development thinking of the Internet. Develop with an open attitude.

Through this learning and exchange, the students can learn basic knowledge of lithium and electricity, overcome daily operation difficulties, and deepen understanding and integration from industry information exchange to industry chain. Through learning, customers can not only improve their professional skills, but also have a new understanding of the industry. More through in-depth understanding of the industry's high-quality resources, to achieve the healthy development and promotion of the entire lithium power supply and demand industry!